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League History:
All Stars

The Swansea Little League was established in 1952 under the direction of league President James McDonald, Vice-President William Ratcliffe, Secretary Antone Costa, Treasurer Stanley Baker and Advisory Board Members William Marr, Herbert Walker, Patrick Callahan, Bruno Ward and William Edgar.

Swansea Little League
P.O. Box 422
Swansea, MA 02777

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2010 Little League All Stars

8 Year Old All Stars

8 Year Old All Stars
Front row: Cameron Freitas, Nicholas Camara, Ryan Martin, Clayton Dyer, Casey Santerre and Daniel Silva
Middle row: Billy Henderson, Brad Dellicker, Ryan Sears, Liam McKenzie, Jason Medeiros and Logan Sherratt
Back Row: Coach Ted Dyer, Manager Mike Silva and Coach Joe Martin 

9 Year Old All Stars

9 Year Old All Stars
Front row: Ross Audet, Jacob Martin, Shane Lewis, DJ Perron, Kaiden Acker
Middle row: Andrew Ruggerio, Drew Plante, Clayton Scholes, Brandon Bednarik, Will Kenyon
Back Row: Coach Leo Acker and Coach Chris Viau 

11 Year Old All Stars

11 Year Old All Stars
back row: Manager Ernie Bacon & Coach Brian Kochanek
middle row:  Chris Bacon, David Silvia, Jake LaFleur, Kevin Kochanek, Danny Plante
front row:  Josh Tobin, DJ Machado, Evan Surette, Timothy Silva, Adam Mansi, Brandon Affonso
front center:  Team helper Chris Silvia

12 Year Old All Stars

12 Year Old All Stars
Standing (L to R): Coach Paul Nadeau, Manager Chris Duarte, Brian Dion, Tyler Nadeau, James Scholes, Ryan Lewis, Adam Dellicker, Coach Keith Jardin and Coach Rob Brilhante
Kneeling (L to R): Tyler Brilhante, Joey Paiva, Matt Gray and Cory Fernandes
Sitting (L to R): Justin Duarte, Tim Paul and Brett Jardin

15/16 Year Old All Stars

15/16 Year Old All Stars
front row: Jonathan Sinclair, Tyler Lewis, Andrew Kenyon, Charlie Rowland, Jared Neville and Brentyn Fanti
back row: Coach Mike Neville, Sean Kenyon, Jack Murphy, Chris Parente, Coach Tyler Clark, Eric Alves, Mike Ogden, Brennan Clark, Coach Bob Clark, Nick Carreiro and Kirk Murphy

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